The Club Repeater Repair

Rome Radio Club operates the one FM repeater for usage by local amateur radio operators. 

Output Frequency: 146.880
Input Frequency: 146.280
CTCSS: 71.9 on both input and output.  The input is only enabled if interference from other signals is present.

August 13 Status:

The complete repeater in it's new cabinet was installed at the site. There is still wrk being done though. The APRS Digipeater wil getting a case, and a better connection to the Radio. Additionally work is being done to provide a more robust DC power distribution.

Here is the repeater in the new cabinet during testing prior to bing brough up to the site

I Promise next trip up to the site I will actually have my phone on my to take pictures of the updates.

August 6 Status:

Initial clean up started.  During testing it was determined that a component had partially failed in the power amplifier section.  This component controls the output power of the PA.  A Maximum output power of 75 Watts was obtained out of the expected 110 watts.  To speed the process of getting the repeater back on the air, a replacement PA was inserted in to the repeater system.  We now have the full 110 Watts of expected output power on the power amplifier section.  Next steps are to a complete tune up of the receiver and refit everything on the a cabinet.

Pictures and an update soon!

August 1st Status:

  • One issue was the repeater shelter experienced an infiltration by mice at some point. The initial review of the equipment showed some damaged wires/insulation.
  • The Repeater Chassis has been stripped and cleaned
  • Visual Inspection of the Transmitter PA shows no visible damage to the components.